Performing Breast Augmentations in Sydney

Doctor Haertsch has achieved over 30 years’ experience within Australia and Internationally. He has trained many of Australia’s up and coming Plastic Surgeons and has himself performed breast implant surgery for over 30 years.
Dr Peter Haertsch

  Doctor Peter Haertsch MBBS FRACS

Dr Haertsch undertook his medical training at Sydney University and trained as a General Surgeon in Edinburgh. After several years of practice in General Surgery in Sydney, he went to England and the United States to specialise in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has performed breast augmentations for over 30 years.

  Sydney Consultation and Surgical Location

Doctor Haertsch conducts breast implant surgery at Sydney Private Hospital. This facility offer state-of-the-art surgeries as well as dedicated staff that are highly experienced in breast augmentations. Consultations and post-operative care is undertaken in the clinic rooms located on Pembroke St in Epping.

  Implant Surgery and Procedure

Doctor Haertsch exclusively uses Eurosilicone implants, Europe’s largest manufacturer of leading edge breast implant technology. Eurosilicone has over 25 years’ experience manufacturing breast implants and produced over 180,000 implants in France in 2012. All Eurosilicone implants used by Doctor Haertsch are CE certified according to the Medical Devices Directive 93 / 42 / EEC.

As a fully trained and qualified Surgeon with over 30 years’ experience, Doctor Haertsch uses only the best surgical techniques. This allows for surgery to be conducted under General anaesthetic yet performed all within day surgery.
Eurosilicone Breast Implants

  Do You Know What FRACS Means?

This is a very important factor when deciding on who will perform your breast implant surgery. The letters FRACS after a Doctor’s name indicate they are a fully trained and qualified Surgeon not purely a G.P. Doctor Haertsch is not only one of Australia’s most highly qualified surgeons but he also has an additional 4 years of specialist training specifically in both plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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